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Sage Smudge Spray With Crystal Water, Gemstone Elixir, Aromatherapy Room Spray, Crystal Cleansing

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Personal and Space Smudge Spray for Smudging, Energy Clearing, Uplifting and manifesting, cleansing and charging stones, grids and more. This crystal infused spray contains a balance of pure essential oils, ground sage herb, and genuine crystal water of clear quartz, that are Reiki infused, to create the perfect elixir spray.

This organic spray is perfect for cleansing your work space, as a body spray, meditation space, cleansing your crystals and gemstones, your car and more. Made with natural ingredients.

All crystals are cleansed, charged and programmed. Crystal waters of Clear Quartz ( master healer ) were used.

Comes in a cobalt blue ( BPA FREE ) 4 oz bottle, atomizer and cap. Listing is for ONE spray. Store In a cool, dark place.

Carry in your purse, leave on your desk for focus and uplifting, great for kids and adults with focus issues.

Spray away from face and eyes. Shake before use as separation will occur.

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