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Pink Activated Charcoal Geode Soap, Exfoliating Sea Salt Scrub

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Pink Geode Crystal Soap ! Bottom layer is comprised of black " geode stone " using activated charcoal to naturally color the soap. The top layer of the soap is comprised of dead sea salt and epsom salt to create the cracked open, geode ( rose quartz affect ) using skin safe colorant.

▼ You will not receive an actual geode. These are soaps made to look like a geode that has been opened revealing a beautiful crystal !

Specifications :

♥ Dead Sea Salt creates the geode effect. Skin safe colorant is used to achieve the purple, amethyst color of the soap. It is surrounded by white dead sea salt and Epsom salt.
♥ Comes shrink wrapped to preserve freshness.
♥ Salts naturally exfoliate skin while the glycerin base soap lathers, cleanses and moisturizes the skin.
♥ Soap is between 8-10 ounces EACH
♥ These are handmade and made to order with all natural ingredients of vegetable glycerin soap base, activated charcoal, essential oil and/or premium fragrance oils, sea salt, dead sea salt, epsom salt and shea butter.

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