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Passion Blend Sachet Aroma Beads | Amulets & Curio Manifesting

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Incense aroma bead sachet filler, scented corn cob fibers. Great for Car Air Fresheners, Bowl Filler, Vase Filler, Candlescaping and more. 

Passion Blend is a blend of herbs and premium fragrance oils scented to aid in the law of attraction and attracting passion/love/positive relationships. Great for Alter space, in your car, on your nightstand and anywhere you feel led to place your aroma beads. Passion - Signature scents like Lavender, Rose, Green Tea, and Cherry Lotusand correlating herbs.

Scented corn cob fibers packs a powerful punch ! Biodegradable and make great room, and car air fresheners, and amazing party favors, with less fuss. Endless home fragrance !

Sunny windows release more aroma power or use in candlescaping, and primitive bowl fillers for a more subtle ( or stronger depending on amount used ).

Listing is for 6 ounces. They will come in a sealed bag to reserve aroma and freshness ( one organza bag included ) where you can use them as a bowl filler, car freshener, or an aroma sachet.

HIGHLY SCENTED using PREMIUM Fragrance Oils for longer lasting scent !

Corn Cob Fibers absorb fragrance oils and slowly release them over time. They have so many useful purposes and are biodegradable.

These little gems have a ton of uses, like :

* Car Air Freshers
* Manifesting
* Aromatherapy
* Alters
* In your car
* Carry in your purse
* Bowl Filler
* In and around litter boxes
* Closets
* Drawers
* Wedding Favors - fill organza bags
* Pillows
* Floral Arrangements
* Hang in Artificial Christmas Trees for scent
and more ......

Disclaimers :

* Never Lay Bag/Fibers Directly On Wood, Plastic or Painted Surfaces As The Fragrance Oils May Damage These Items.
* Keep out of reach of children and pets. NOT EDIBLE.
* These are not for use in candle warmers/tart warmers, as they will melt.
* Individual results vary when using herbs, money drawing, calming, abundance and lore products. They are for entertainment purposes only and we make no claims or guarantees to the outcome - positive or negative.

Passion Blend Aroma Bead Sachet Incense

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