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Mindfulness Bell Necklace, Harmony Bola Necklace, Chime Pendant Necklace, Angel Caller Necklace

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A stunning energy necklace that will bring you back to mindfulness and away from negative or disruptive thoughts. The chime on the bell is light and subtle, not over powering, but enough to remind you to be mindful of where your thoughts are. Be inspired, evoke harmony and inspire transformation.

If you are wanting to be more mindful of your thoughts and though patterns, raise your vibration and begin living a life of joy, peace, harmony, gratitude and abundance then this bell necklace is for you. The precise chime of the bell redirects your thoughts and helps you to become more consciously aware of your habits and thoughts.

The perfect necklace for those practicing the law of attraction, those who tend to have negative thought patterns, those who lack focus and attentiveness and anyone who simply wants to live a more powerful, positive and abundant life.

Spiritually, the Mindfulness Bell Necklace is used as a spiritual tool to connect to nature and the divine.

It makes the perfect spiritual gift !

Specifications :

Includes 24 inch ball chain
Antique Silver Word Charm - You can choose the charm that resonates with you
Silver Bell with Chrome finish .75 height
Angel Charm included and you can choose from glass clear crystal body, light blue, dark blue and light purple.

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