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Meditate Mandala Necklace, Silver Bezel Mantra Pendant, Geometric Jewelry, Lava Stone Diffuser

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Meditate Mandala & Mantra Essential Oil Pendant Necklace. Comprised of 1 inch round silver tone metal bezel featuring mandala digital art with MEDITATE mantra, lava rock and 1 small ( roughly 3 mm ) genuine tumbled and drilled amethyst gemstone bead. Digital Art is protected with an epoxy bubble lens for durability and shine. contain a black lava rock, roughly 10 mm to diffuse your favorite essential oil(s) by placing a drop or two of oil on the rock, allowing to absorb the oil and diffuse for a perfect balance of aromatherapy on the go. After a few hours the oil with dissipate and you can add more of the same essential oil or change scents.

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Essential Oil Necklace Featuring Mandala & Mantra - Works great with the law of attraction and spirituality, including meditation and manifesting.

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