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Love Spell Manifesting Gemstone Candle | Spiritual Crystal Glitter Heart

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Beautifully handcrafted soy, heart, gold glitter, manifesting candle. Contains a genuine tumbled gemstone crystal buried within the wax to amplify your intention/prayer and is perfect for use with intention, the law of attraction, health and wellness, spirituality or just an original candle that throws off a beautiful scent of LOVE SPELL.

The candle itself is shaped as a heart with scalloped edges. The color ranges from a deep and dark pink to red.

Comes with a small insert explaining what the candle is so it makes it perfect for gift giving. Each candle is wrapped for safety and freshness.

Each candle is roughly 3 x 3 , contains a cotton core wick, is 100 % soy wax and measures roughly 1.5 inches high. When properly cared for ( keep wick trimmed ) candle will last for many hours. Please place on a approved candle dish or deep glass candle container to catch any running wax. Never leave candle unattended and keep away from pets and children. When gemstone becomes visible just scoop out with a spoon and carefully rinse and remove residue and you can continue using your gemstone.

Puffy heart top is created by hand using gold glitter. Other options are silver and purple.

Love Spell Scent - Love Spell is comprised of sweet citrus & berries atop a fruity floral heart. Compares to VS ( Victoria Secret ) Type. It's irresistible and truly one of my favorite scents.

Gemstones are chosen randomly and you can receive any of the following ( you will receive ONE - there is no guarantee of the stone you will receive - this is simply a guide ) snowflake obsidian, banded amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, tiger eye, blue lace agate, black agate, hematite, green aventurine, green agate, moss agate, red jasper and many more. Each stone will range from 1/4 of inch to 1 inch and is based on availability.

Since this is handmade please expect variations. While I try my best to achieve the exact item you see within the picture as a handmade artisan no 2 candles are ever the same and may vary ever so slightly. Due to monitor settings colors may seem more bold or less vibrant. Please take this into consideration. But, rest assured if I wouldn't use it or gift it I won't send it out :)

If you would like any customization's please don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to work with you to achieve whatever your vision is.

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