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Manifesting Rough Gemstone Intention Setting Glitter Box | Meditation Stones

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Spiritual, Manifesting and Intention Tools. Features wooden box, painted in purple with white irridescent glitter that contains hues of green, blue, silver 5 rough, untumbled gemstones chosen randomly. Box is sealed for durability. There is no lid. Use the box to store your stones, set your intention on paper and place the stones on top, a reiki box and more.

Gemstones are medium to large and ranges from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch.

Use for manifesting and intention, prayer, or to store your crystals.

Box Measurements : 5 inch length by 3 inch wide by 1 inch high

All elements have been Reiki Infused.

Healing Crystals & Glitter Box | Manifesting Rough Gemstones | Intention Setting Box | Spiritual Meditation Stones | Law of Attraction

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