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Geode Bath Bomb Set of Five Moisturizing Bath Oil & Salt Soaks

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SET of FIVE ( 5 ) Aromatherapy Bath Oil - Geode Bath bomb! Life like geode looks like it's been cracked open revealing a beautiful gemstone like appearance ! ! Provides an exhilarating and moisturizing experience at home. This is a medium to large size bath bomb fizz that produces amazing fizzy action and is packed with oils to moisturize your skin and take your senses away ! 

Includes Five : Yellow, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue

Specifications :

  • Dead Sea Salt creates the geode effect. Skin safe colorant is used to achieve the red, ruby color of the bath bomb. It is surrounded by white dead sea salt and Epsom salt.
  • Comes shrink wrapped to preserve freshness.
  • These are handmade and made to order with all natural ingredients of corn starch, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate ( baking soda ) , skin safe colorant, essential oils, grapeseed oil, Shea butter soap ( think layer to hold salts ). coconut oil, sea salt, dead sea salt and Epsom salt.
  • Place in tub and allow the melt to slowly fizz releasing the oils, and salts. 
  • You will NOT receive an actual geode gemstone.

DISCLAIMER : Please use caution when exiting the tub and be sure to clean the tub thoroughly after each use. The oils will make the tub surface slippery and caution should be exercised. Serendipity World is released from any and all liability with the association of this product.

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