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Gemstone Bath Bomb Amber & Ylang Aromatherapy

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Gemstone Bath Bomb Bath Soak. Soak up the amazing aromatherapy and detox naturally. Charge your bath water, set your intention and relax the whole you as you feel the crystal energy !

  • Large Bath Bomb, AMBER & YLANG Scented.
  • Stone will be chosen randomly and buried within the bath bomb.
  • You will receive one CHARGED Gemstone that can vary in shape and size. 

Treat yourself to a moisturizing , at home spa day with these luxurious bath bombs ! Each bath bomb is filled with essential oils & minerals that penetrates deep into your skin to soften while leaving your skin glowing , revealing a revitalized you !

Infused with Mineral Salts and Sea Salts for a pure and rich bath detox ! These bath bombs are a wonderful tool that detoxify on many levels without harsh effects on the body.

ONE BATH BOMB ~ 8 + Oz EACH BATH BOMB - These are large and jam packed ! The picture depicts several varieties of stones that are available. ONLY ONE stone will be infused with your bath bomb. Keep the stone for further crystal energy. These stones are NOT dyed. They have been tumbled and charged.

Be sure to remove your stone before draining bath and be careful when exiting, surface may be slippery. 

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