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Crystal Wellness Gemstone Soap | Manifesting Soap | Milky Quartz Soap

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Aromatherapy Milky Quartz Crystal energy healing soap bars. Soap bar is shaped as a diamond and each soap includes an embedded crystal, that has been charged. Pure essential oils create an exhilarating scent of your choice. Glycerin soap is moisturizing and makes a great beauty bar. Remove negative energy, uplift your thoughts, manifest with the law of attraction all while washing your body ! Re-energize your mind, body and soul with this energizing bath soap that has soaked up all the energy of every crystal placed inside.

You will receive 1 Milky Quartz Crystal, Charged, embedded with the soap. Each crystal is small to medium in size ranging from 1/4 to 1 inch.

Best of all, you get to keep the crystal when your soap is through ! Crystals can easily be re-charged by inducing a salt bath, placed in a hollow pyramid, under the sun, by a Certified Reiki Practitioner like myself or googling other methods that fit your lifestyle.

* I Reiki charge each and every crystal.

* These are large, thick slices of pure soap ( minus the crystal ). Each slice weighs between 5 and 6 ounces.

* Each soap bar is glycerin, and translucent. This soap is dyed black with skin safe dye to coordinate with your stone. No dye option is also available.

Each soap crystal is poured by hand. Each crystal piece is placed within a glycerin ( vegetable base ) soap base and a genuine, Reiki charged crystal is placed within the soap. The loaf is cured then cut by hand. Because glycerin is perfectly see through, you can see your genuine crystal within the soap ( usually towards the bottom ).

Crystal Gemstone Soap | Manifesting Soap | Glycerin Soap | Milky Quartz Soap | Aromatherapy Soap | Crystal Wellness Bar Soap | Spritual

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