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Bath & Body Gift Set - Bath Bombs, Loofah and Crystal Soap

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Gift Bag Set. Perfect, ready to gift, Aromatherapy Loofah Soap, Bath Bombs, Crystal Soap and Massaging Soap Bar. A memorable gift this Holiday season, great for Birthdays, teachers, office personnel and more ! Please see below for individual specifications on each items. Choose scent option at check out. ALL Items will be scented in the scent you choose. You will receive 2 bath bombs ( purple and pink geode affect ), 1 Loofah Soap and 1 Massaging Bar Soap.

Comes complete and ready for gift giving in White Gift Bag with red tissue paper ( other color options for tissue paper are available at check out )

Crystal Soap Bar ( no dye translucent with crystal quartz )
Aromatherapy, Clear Quartz Crystal energy healing soap bars. Soap bar is shaped as a diamond and each soap includes an embedded crystal, that has been charged. Pure essential oils create an exhilarating scent of your choice. Glycerin soap is moisturizing and makes a great beauty bar. Remove negative energy, uplift your thoughts, manifest with the law of attraction all while washing your body ! Re-energize your mind, body and soul with this energizing bath soap that has soaked up all the energy of every crystal placed inside. Weighs between 5 and 6 ounces each.

Loofah Soap : ( no dye, translucent )
Glycerin Loofah Soap. Exfoliates, nourishes and moisturizes your skin naturally with a rich, long lasting lather. You will receive ONE.
Net Weight : Is approximately 4 -4.50 ounces ( ONE SOAP )
Scent : Choose Scent
Color : Translucent, NO DYE
Flowers are for decorative purposes. Essential Oils are used therefor leaving your loofa soap " translucent " Please visit our Aromatherapy Bath and Body section for " whole lavender beads " if you are interested in another version.

Bath Bombs : ( pink and purple )
Aromatherapy Bath Oil - Geode Bath bomb! Life like geode looks like it's been cracked open revealing a beautiful pink rose quartz gemstone like appearance ! ! Provides an exhilarating and moisturizing experience at home. This is a medium to large size bath bomb fizz that produces amazing fizzy action and is packed with oils to moisturize your skin and take your senses away !
* Dead Sea Salt creates the geode effect. Skin safe colorant is used to achieve the purple and pink color of the bath bomb. It is surrounded by white dead sea salt and Epsom salt. Place in tub and allow the melt to slowly fizz releasing the oils, and salts.

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