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Over the course of my career I've heard a lot of clients tell me " I just cannot seem to get the Law of Attraction to work for me ". This saddens me because the Law of Attraction is always, always working. Has anyone ever said to you " Do not allow the circumstance to define you ? " Things, circumstances, well, they happen. They happen to all of us. No one is exempt from life happening. When life happens it isn't because " God/Universe " is out to get you or hate you. It isn't because it is or is not a full moon, new moon or harvest moon. It isn't because someone hates you or cast a spell, it isn't because you've done something wrong. You can do everything right and circumstances will happen. It is what you do with those circumstances, your actions and reactions that give you the defining moment in you and your life. 

Dalai Lama once said " When you lose, don't lose the lesson ". This quote runs so much deeper than many would think. Most people see lessons as something they willingly take on. Something one chooses to learn. But, that is not the case. There are lessons in everything and when you chose to ask yourself " What is the lesson here " and truly embrace it, in all things, you will never lose the lesson life is bestowing on you and life will seem more positive. 

When my husband was laid off from his job I had one of two choices : I could sit and ponder on all the things we couldn't do, the bills that would pile up losing a lot of income and I could fall into a depression that would have been catastrophic to our family. Having children I didn't have time to feel weak, defeated or like someone busted my comfortable bubble. I had to resort to survival and fight mode, after all I was fighting for our family and my sanity. I could have easily became angry at my husbands employer. I could have raged and been filled with hatred. I could have hated the world, everything and everyone in it, but not everything and everyone let us down. This became my opportunity to ask " What is the lesson " and so I did...

Through this time I used my essential oils and crystals like never before. It was important to keep up my spirit, focus and vibration. While I would love to think I could do this on my own, I knew I couldn't and I needed a lot of help from my crystals and oils. I also needed help from my positive affirmations, a lot of post it notes scattered throughout my office and our home. I knew I needed God / Universe more than I ever had before and all the spiritual tools left for us on this journey we call life. I soon realized there were a lot more lessons in this moment of life than I originally thought. Here are some of my thoughts :

Gratitude - All the things I did take for granted, I no longer. I am a very grateful person for both the big and small, but I learned even the tiny things have their moments, and for those I am grateful. 

Bills - When you wonder how you will pay them you appreciate them when you do pay them. This changed my entire outlook on money. I AM grateful to be able to pay my bills. The electric, water, housing, etc. I no longer look at bills as something that I hate or look at the check I'm writing as doom and gloom and a deduction from my checking account because I know with every check I write, with every deduction I take, there is more coming. And, I am so grateful I had the resources to write the check in the first place. 

Knowledge - If you are like me most of the time you don't worry about the $10 Starbucks, or the fact you went over budget at the grocery store because you had to have that chocolate cake. Through this time I learned " Holy Crapola ! " Do you have any idea how much we really spend at the grocery store or Starbucks ? Those were enlightening moments and the knowledge I took away from actually watching every dollar that went out made me a much better steward of my money !

Simple Things - and simple reminders, those are the things that helped to hold myself and family together through difficult times. Simple reminders that the situation / circumstance we were in was temporary and the fact that I had to make a concsiounce decision to be a part of the problem or the solution. I realized no-one can get through life, in the good or the bad without help. We are not meant to do that. Family, friends, spiritual tools, all the wonderful things Earth and Spirit has to offer are here for us all day, every day, if we choose to call upon them. 

I could go on and on about what I learned from this lesson, but I will end with remind yourself every minute of every day, no matter what you are going through, that there is a lesson and look for the lesson in everything. When you do this the minutes become hours, the hours become days and the days become weeks and life looks so much brighter. Write out 100 post it notes with positive affirmations, grab your inspirational necklace.  Whatever you have to do to keep putting one foot in front of the other because it works ! All these things work to get you back on track and keep you on track. While they may be beautiful to look at they have deeper meaning. Whatever you are using : essential oils, crystals, inspiring pendants, motivational bracelets, post it notes, whatever you choose, their meaning should run much deeper than just something you purchased. They can and will change your outlook, your thoughts and your future. 

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