Essential Oil Aromatherapy Jewelry for The Law of Attraction

One of my favorite things is essential oils & aromatherapy jewelry. From Frankincense to Lavender and everything in between. I use essential oils a lot, along with herbs, for my law of attraction and spiritual journey. They help to stay grounded, focused and raise my vibration to match every desire so they quickly manifest. One of the biggest issues I faced is when I left my home or office and was away from my many diffusers. While roller bottle blends are great, and very efficient, I wanted something with a little more simplicity. That is when I discovered Lava Rocks ! 

Lava Rocks have primal energies of the earth mother, they have strong  associations with fire and the third chakra energy. They have strong  energetic and healing properties. The energy is both beautiful and  sacred. 

I use Lava Rocks in a number of my jewelry pieces to create Aromatherapy Jewelry for use with the law of attraction or just simply for aromatherapy. By coupling aromatherapy with motivational quotes, symbols or spiritual images, they serve a dual purpose to help assist you with manifesting, allowing your true potential to shine and/or to stay grounded and motivated. 

By adding just a drop or two of your favorite essential oil  to the lava rock, the lava rock will absorb the oil and omit natural fragrance. You can add oils as often as you like and even mix scents. Scent will naturally  extinguish the scent over time, however you can speed up this process by  applying a drop or two of white distilled vinegar to the lava rock,  allow it to dry and add a fresh essential oil. Vinegar will completely in most cases extinguish any essential oil scent. 

If you haven't tried aromatherapy jewelry, I would highly recommend it. Not only do Lava Rocks have powerful effects, adding essential oils for aromatherapy help to enhance them. 

I have a variety of aromatherapy jewelry in my shop that range from bracelets to necklaces. They can all be found by following the links below :

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