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In the hurried world we live in, where instant gratification dominates our mind, body, soul it is important to surround ourselves with as much positive as possible. In today's world there is an app for this, an app for that giving us instant answers and gratification. With the click of a single button we can get almost anything we want, but the key words are " Almost anything ". Not everything is available to us instantly, some things we have to work hard for. Some things take time, patience, love and persistance, but because we are so use to instant gratification more times than not we tend to give up when we do not see instant results. 

Spiritual Wellness Sachets with Gemstones

I have praticed the Law of Attraction, Biblical Standards and positive living for nearly two decades and the one thing I have learned is that many have lost patience & gratitude. Life lessons teach us these things, but we are so good at looking at the glass as half full rather than half empty many of us cannot get beyond " lack " therefor we cannot bring forth the fruits of our many labors. 

I created Serendipity World so that everyone can live their best life and change their mindset. Change from the focus on lack to the focus on positive and gratitude. The two neccessary components to living a more positive and abundant life. This is accomplished through inspirational quotes, the Law of Attraction tools, metaphysical and biblical approaches with the products that are hand crafted in my store. 

Please visit my store to see how Serendipity World can help you lead a more positive life by surrounding yourself with inspiring and spiritual home decor, tools and aromatherapy.

Melissa Grant, Owner

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