Helping Others Succeed in Life and Business is What I Do !
Creative Balanced Solutions, was founded by Melissa Grant and assists business owners with both project tasks, daily tasks and mentoring/coaching services that benefit their business and/or personal lives.

Melissa is an out of the box thinker and loves empowering people to dominate in both business and in life. Knowing the importance mindset and mindfulness plays in success, her strategies include not only improving business principles, but also how one thinks. With clear and precise practices, she creates plans that work long term and teaches you how to incorporate these strategies, daily.

Areas of Expertise and Business Performance are : Customer Service, Sales, Social Media Marketing & Management, SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), Project & Product Management, Transaction Coordination, Inventory, Invoicing, Website and Blog Maintenance and creation, advertising, ghostwriting, goal planning, business branding, general and executive office functions as well as product & business launches.
Areas of Expertise in Lifestyle and Self Care are : High vibe influencer, goal planning, mindset & mindfulness. Personal growth, behavior modification, manifesting and intentions, overall wellness ( mind, body, soul ) + more. 

Business Specialties - E-Commerce, Real Estate, Home Staging, Spiritual Practices, Business and Life Coaches, Holistic Wellness Practitioners, Data Entry, Medical Office and more
Located in Merritt Island, Florida 
Serendipity World - Creative Balanced Solutions is independently owned and operated. A small business with a strong emphasis on family and the whole person. Products and services are created to help you live your very best life, think and be positive, be in total alignment with your true self. Creative Balanced Solutions strives for 100% customer satisfaction and believes in teaching the whole person through inspiring, motivational and out of the box products and services. 
A Message From The Owner 
Hi, I am Melissa. I am the owner and founder of Serendipity World - Creative Balanced Solutions. 
I handle everything here and I am honored to share with you the love and passion for what I do. 
Why Choose Creative Balanced Solutions
The answers are simple. With Creative Balanced Solutions you receive quality products and services with the highest integrity and professionalism. I have been in business for TWO DECADES and I know business. 
When you contact SW - Creative Balanced Solutions you will get a live professional, ready, willing and able to discuss any general questions, concerns or to just talk shop ! Most of the time that person will be me, however my assistant sometimes takes calls when I am in a meeting and/or working with a client. But, no worries, I get back to everyone within 48 hours ( excluding weekends, holidays and during natural disasters ) 
I created SW-Creative Balanced Solutions because I have a love and passion for helping others succeed ! The products and services I create and provide are meant to assist others whether it be in their spiritual journey, business, mindset, alignment, and to ultimately help live a more inspiring, motivational life. 
SW-Creative Balanced Solutions is more than just a service or product. Creative Balanced Solutions is meant to inspire, teach and transform how you live and run your business. I have spent more than half of my life dedicated to helping others in business and their personal lives because it is my passion ! 
Achievements and Certifications :
 Certified Life and Business Coach 
SEO & Social Media Marketing Consultant & Management
Mindset, Empowerment & Branding Strategist
Certified Reiki Practitioner w/ Ordainment 
Certified Holistic Remedies
Certified Crystal Healer 
Aromatherapy Wellness Advocate
Spiritual & Wellness Advocate
Manifesting Practitioner
Alignment Mentor
I know business, I know people, and it's my desire to share my knowledge and passion !
* Certified Life, Wellness & Business Coach 
I help you to focus on the present and your goals for the future whether in life or business. Whether you feel stuck in life or business, I help you to identify your goals and together we develop an actionable plan so you can begin to achieve them. Create inner growth, be in alignment, and in tune with what and who you are meant to be. 
* Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner & Master Teacher
Reiki is life force energy. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". Reiki treats the whole person, holistically, including the body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation, healing of past, present and future circumstances, it brings forth feelings of peace, security and well-being.

 * Business Strategist and Consultant
As a business strategist I help you define your target audience and develop your niche market so you can catapult your business to the top by developing a wider scope of customers and clients who are willing to pay for your time, services and products. I help you plan strategically and with confidence so you can obtain a larger audience on social media, grow your website and self -esteem, increasing your bottom line and getting your brand out into the market. 

* Spiritual, Alignment & Manifesting Mentor 
This means, I believe that Holistic & Alternative methods assist us to over-all wellness in life and business ! I also believe " When we ask, if we BELIEVE , we will receive. I help assist in " believing " so you can manifest all of your life and business desires. As a manifesting & mindset mentor and strategist, I believe, I am called to help others and I believe our thoughts and surroundings play a huge role in how our future unfolds. 

* Crystal Healing, Energy Healing, Color Therapy
I believe crystals contain a high vibration energy that appeals to a persons spiritual journey. I also believe, as even Professors and researchers do, that certain colors bring about what I consider " spiritual mood changes " and do enhance a persons attitude on life, business and/or circumstances. This is all the power of energy, connecting us to God, Universe and/or your " Source ". 

Wellness Advocate & Aromatherapy 
I promote wellness through essential oils, diet, exercise and alternative healing melodies such as the law of attraction, crystals, prayer, affirmations, meditation, and so much more. The world is full of spiritual tools to assist in wellness, I give and/or show you the tools to utilize these methods so your life, health and emotional well being can benefit from them.