Helping Others Succeed in Life and Business is What I Do !
Most Items are Handmade and created with Love, Care & Professionalism using the Highest Quality Ingredients. Items are Cruelty free and never tested on animals. 
Located in Merritt Island, Florida 
Serendipity World is independently owned and operated. A small business with a strong emphasis on family. Our products are created to help you live your very best life, think and be positive, be in total alignment with your true self and hearts desires. Serendipity strives for 100% customer satisfaction and believes in teaching the whole person, holistically, through inspiring, motivational and spiritual products. 
A Message From The Owner 
Hi, I am Melissa. I am the owner / operator and creator of Serendipity World. 
I handle everything here at Serendipity World and I am honored to share with you the love and passion for what I do. 
Why Choose Serendipity World 
The answers are simple. With Serendipity World you receive quality products and services made by hand using only the highest quality materials. My prices are and will always remain affordable without ever sacrificing quality. I have been in business for TWO DECADES. 
When you contact Serendipity World you will get a live professional, ready, willing and able to discuss any general questions, concerns or to just talk shop ! Most of the time that person will be me, however my assistant sometimes takes calls when I am in a meeting or working with a client. But, no worries, I get back to everyone within 48 hours ( excluding weekends, holidays and during natural disasters ) 
I created Serendipity World because I have a love and passion for helping others ! The products and services I create and provide in my store are meant to assist others in their spiritual journey, positive mindset, alignment, and to help live a more inspiring, motivational life focusing on positive things so that when life hands us lemons, as it sometimes does, we have the tools, power and knowledge to take control of our life back !  
Serendipity World is more than just products. Serendipity World is meaningful, holistic, wellness, and operated by a live person who has worked for two decades in business, spirituality, the law of attraction, crystal wellness & color therapy. I have spent more than half of my life dedicated to helping others because it is my passion ! 
Achievements and Certifications :
Certified Reiki Practitioner w/ Ordainment 
Certified Holistic Remedies
Aromatherapy Wellness Advocate
Independent Spiritual & Wellness Advocate
Manifesting Practitioner
Alignment Mentor
Life and Business Energy Mentor
SEO & Social Media Marketing Consultant
I know business, I know people, and it's my desire to share my knowledge and passion !