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Protection Blend Incense | Car Air Freshene | Curio Aromatherapy Beads

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Protect Blend is a blend of herbs and premium fragrance oils scented to aid in the law of attraction and attracting abundance. Great for Alter space, in your car, on your nightstand and anywhere you feel led to place your aroma beads. Protection - Blend of Cinnamon, Sage, Eucalyptus, Vanilla & Basil and correlating herbs. 

Scented corn cob fibers packs a powerful punch ! Biodegradable and make great room, and car air fresheners, and amazing party favors, with less fuss. Endless home fragrance !

Sunny windows release more aroma power or use in candlescaping, and primitive bowl fillers for a more subtle ( or stronger depending on amount used ).

Listing is for 6 ounces. They will come in a sealed bag to reserve aroma and freshness ( one organza bag included ) where you can use them as a bowl filler, car freshener, or an aroma sachet.

HIGHLY SCENTED using PREMIUM Fragrance Oils for longer lasting scent !

Corn Cob Fibers absorb fragrance oils and slowly release them over time. They have so many useful purposes and are biodegradable.

These little gems have a ton of uses, like :

* Car Air Freshers
* Manifesting
* Aromatherapy
* Alters
* In your car
* Carry in your purse
* Bowl Filler
* In and around litter boxes
* Closets
* Drawers
* Wedding Favors - fill organza bags
* Pillows
* Floral Arrangements
* Hang in Artificial Christmas Trees for scent
and more ......

Disclaimers :

* Never Lay Bag/Fibers Directly On Wood, Plastic or Painted Surfaces As The Fragrance Oils May Damage These Items.
* Keep out of reach of children and pets. NOT EDIBLE.
* These are not for use in candle warmers/tart warmers, as they will melt.
* Individual results vary when using herbs, money drawing, calming, abundance and lore products. They are for entertainment purposes only and we make no claims or guarantees to the outcome - positive or negative.

Protection Blend Aroma Bead Sachet Incense

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